Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun Times with Rice Cereal

Today marked two milestones in Ben's short life -- he turned 5 months old and he tried his first rice cereal. Here he is getting ready for his first "meal."

Ready for the first delicious bite!

Hmm, he's not sure what to make of this stuff. But he's game to try anything.

But after a few bites, he decides he's given it enough of a try and is pretty sure he's not buying what I'm selling.

I think this face says "What the hell is this crap, Mom?"

At this point, he decides to take matters into his own hands and grabs the bowl to get a closer look at what we're trying to feed him.

Once he's examined it, we try some more. Nope, still not liking it.

Enough already!

The rice cereal is apparently so gross, he'd rather eat his bib.

The aftermath...

Ben's very into grabbing everything and anything these days. Here, he grabs Dad's face.

Next, he grabs my hair -- a real favorite of his. Unfortunately, he loves to shove my hair in his mouth. Not so pleasant for me when that mouth is covered in rice cereal.

Thinking he's really funny after grabbing my hair, he gives a triumphant face.

All in all, it wasn't so bad. He is not sure what to make of it, but he is really interested in the spoon, and he didn't cry or fuss. He just didn't actually swallow much of it. Better luck next time...


  1. At least he kept a smile on his face, that's better than most kids with their first cereal. I promise he will have a better reaction when it's ice cream!

    You look lovely by the way. Motherhood sure agrees with you.

  2. It wasn't so bad. He didn't like the taste (or consistency most likely) but he did pretty well. No meltdowns at least. We'll keep trying.

    Yeah, except the "mask of pregnancy" which has gotten WAY worse lately as I've been in the sun a lot. If you look close, you'll see it on my forehead.

  3. I think it took a few tries before my kids got into the whole eating thing. I have read that mashed avocado is also a really good first food, but probably not practical in Illinois.

    The mask of pregnancy thing is never-ending. I have had a lot of sun this summer as well and I have a small patch on my forehead at my hairline and also on my cheekbone just under my eye on one side.